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Regularly Scheduled House Cleaning Services ensure that your guests will always feel welcome in your home, if you like to entertain, we have the solution. Life can get busy in Laguna Beach, who wants to do any house cleaning when there are so many places to go shopping? The Art galleries and the beaches are world class. We are proud to call Laguna Beach our home city, and want to help you get out there and enjoy it. If you like to go Surfing, kayaking or paddle boarding, you know how house cleaning can be a chore after all that sand gets in your stuff. Contact us for a FREE house cleaning quote today and start enjoying Laguna beach.
Having a party? We provide house cleaning services for before and after your special occasion. From dinner parties to birthday parties to house parties. We have got all your cleaning services covered. Having people over, but don’t have time for house cleaning after work? No problem, we can get your house in Laguna Beach ready to impress your guests. Then we will come by the next day and spruce up. After all, who wants to clean after all the trouble of planning a dinner party. We can schedule special quick cleaning sessions in addition to your regularly scheduled house Cleaning. We understand how a social life in laguna Beach can keep you too busy for house cleaning.You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Special Event? We can get you ready. Whether a wedding reception or a family reunion, our cleaning services assure your family will feel welcome in your house. We can take care of all of the house cleaning and make sure that when your relatives are in Laguna Beach, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after them. Be sure to make an impression on your extended family members by having our house cleaning service get you ready for a great Laguna Beach memory. We are happy to clean up after all of the guests have gone home, and make your family occasion in Laguna Beach a memorable one with a house cleaning service after a special occasion.
Everytime they come, they’ve make things so much better – so that not only is my house sparkling clean but there’s some wonderful loving touch of their care, sometimes adding a flower or arranging fruit in the kitchen. Always makes me feel like a million bucks! Especially after a hard day’s work and I come home to a beautiful more relaxing setting.
- D. Edwards, Fantastic!

JR says in his Google Review: ” Laguna Breeze House Cleaning Service did a wonderful job. They went above and beyond the call of duty helping a retired friend of mine with house cleaning before moving into a retirement home. They had lived in Laguna beach for twenty years. The cleaning person was so kind and helpful, and knew how to make the people involved feel comfortable. ” – Many Thanks!

Another Reviewer says: “I had out of town guests coming and was at work but came home to a sparkling clean home! My guest even said wow look at that window it is so clear! My sons room was a disaster but when he got home he was thrilled and had to show all his friends.”

- J. Danihels, Excellent!

It was so nice to come home to a perfectly clean house. My house has never been cleaner! I have used quite a few cleaning services over the years, but this one is by far the best. I recommend them to all of my friends as the best cleaning service in Orange County.
- Tiffany C., The Best!