How to make Lemon Lavender Formula by Laguna Breeze Cleaning. Lemons and lavender have a unique chemical composition when used in House Cleaning. This is an ancient formula, as lavender has been used for medicinal and house hold purposes since ancient times. the ancient Greeks knew how to make Lemon peels because of a property that acts as a disinfectant. When lemons and lavender are mixed together with white vinegar when you make this, it brings out the chemical properties of both during a reaction. When you know how to mix lemons and lavender, you will also make a nice scent while cleaning your house. Laguna breeze has known how to use natural cleaning products for over ten years.

The lemon lavender formula is not new, but people often don’t know about the formulas antiseptic properties when you make it for house cleaning. it is also fun to make and learn how to use your own house hold products for cleaning. If you want to save some money on house cleaning products, the lemon lavender formula is for you. Visit Laguna Breeze Cleaning online at and learn how to make more lemon lavender house cleaning items.

Remember to compost your lavender and lemon peels after you strain them out. It is helpful for the environment not to use house cleaning products with harsh chemicals. Lemon and lavender are the perfect solution to this problem. It is also easier on the senses as the smell of lemons and the lavender make things smell fresh during and after house cleaning. You will learn to make and use this cleaning product around the house and may even gain and added appreciation for lemons and lavender. Thanks for watching our how to video for how to make this formula.