Living and working in Laguna Beach California really gives a person a sense of respect for mother nature. When I get done with a day of managing a house cleaning service, i can go down to the beach and watch the beautiful sunset. There are often whales in the ocean who flip up their tails and say hello just as the sun dips below the Laguna Beach shoreline. There is a sense of awe when one feels so close to nature. Unfortunately, not everyone has a respect for this. There is a five mile deep island of garbage in the middle of the ocean, and our landfills are filled with so much disposable junk it is shameful.

That is why I like to do everything i can to Keep Laguna Beach clean. Our cleaning service uses a lot of natural products as alternatives to the harsh chemicals that have become all too common. We also provide a recycling service for our clients to dispose of waste properly by taking it to a place where it can be recycled locally at the Laguna Beach Dump. Every time I see the natural beauty of the ocean, it reminds me to do my part not to contribute to polluting the environment. This is one of our core philosophies here at Laguna Breeze House Cleaning Service. It is my vision to empower others to be environmentally conscientious through my own house cleaning  practices.