House cleaning is not always priority #1 if you live in Laguna Beach. We sometimes skip fundraisers, parties and the opera so that we can relax for long hours on the beach reading The Inspiration of Wings or listening to music. If you have friends who call at the last minute to drop over, here’s how to make tracks before they arrive. Then call us the next day so you won’t be so far behind.

6 Quick Tricks to Cleaning Your House in Laguna beach FAST

1. Grab a laundry basket and throw everything that’s out of place in it and put the pile in with the laundry
2. Clean the bathroom sink, counter and toilet fast and first
3. Light candles, put on some music
4. Organize the kitchen and put some coffee on – just for the fragrance
5. Some mommie blogger types recommend throwing the dirty dishes in the oven and boiling cinnamon water on top!
6. If there’s traffic on the Canyon you have time to vacuum the high traffic areas – vacuum stripes look nice and fresh sometimes

OR meet them at Aldolfos or Dizzes or your favorite spot in Laguna Beach. The point is, everyone has a busy lifestyle, but that is no reason to let our house get messy. Laguna Beach is such a beautiful place to live. With such things to do as surfing, mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking, who has time for house cleaning? Especially not those of us who ballance the outdoor activities with entertaining and going out on the tow. Let us take care of the house cleaning for you. At Laguna Breeze we are all about your empowerment.