The sand and salt in a Laguna Beach house that needs cleaning is sometimes a challenge –  but the good part is the sea air that energizes you with every deep breath.

We wanted to share a bit about what we sometimes do with microfiber cleaning cloths to help make it easier for you the rest of this hot and humid summer.

7 Ways to Use Microfiber Cloths to Keep Your House Clean in Between

1. Keep them under each bathroom sink so you can do a 15-second wipe down of sink and faucets

2. If you have pets – you can quickly wipe them down after their dining or outdoor adventure.

3. In the kitchen – good for some things but keep an all cotton cloth

4. When you are tidying up wear something with a big pocket and keep your microfiber cloth handy

5. Keep some in your glove compartment or under the seat to wipe down the dashboard, clean up after a spill

Microfiber cloths are efficient without needing harsh cleaning solutions because they hold dirt in between fibers. They also hold 7 times their weight in water. Another benefit is that you can wipe down windows and mirrors without leaving streaks. A bonus is that you can wash them hundreds of time in your washing machine.